Webinar: Faster Magento with an Image CDN – May 13

Thursday, April 23, 2020

You can improve your Magento eCommerce site’s web performance with an image CDN like https://imageengine.io/
Webinar 13 May 2020.
This webinar reviews the benefits of an image CDN. It also provides a step-by-step integration process for Magento. Here is documentation for:
Magento 1.x: https://imageengine.io/docs/integration-guides/imageengine-magento
Magento 2.x: https://imageengine.io/docs/integration-guides/imageengine-magento2
Magento Plug in https://imageengine.io/docs/integration-guides/imageengine-magento2-plugin

Please contact us if you have questions at: https://imageengine.io/contact
Chapter 1 1:30 Problem: Slow page loading impacts revenue
Chapter 2 3:20 Elements of an Image CDN
Chapter 3 6:00 When to use an image CDN
Chapter 4 8:10 Benefits of an Image CDN
Chapter 5 10:30 ImageEngine: How it Works
Chapter 6 12:00 What makes ImageEngine different
Chapter 7 14:35 Image Payload Savings
Chapter 8 16:00 Creating free ImageEngine trial account
Chapter 9 18:40 Setting the image origin location
Chapter 10 19:35 Get your ImageEngine hostname
Chapter 11 21:00 Account control panel
Chapter 12 22:00 Adding new domain names
Chapter 13 23:20 Adjusting default settings of ImageEngine
Chapter 14 25:00 Configuration of Magento 2.x (without plug-in)
Chapter 15 27:20 Configuring Magento 2.x plug-in with ImageEngine hostname
Chapter 16 32.30 Case Study: Livspace
Chapter 17 35:00 Question and Answer
Chapter 18 37:00 Pricing for ImageEngine