This Web Performance & Image Optimization Toolkit Is Our Gift to You

Are you struggling to make your site faster, boost your organic search traffic, or increase your online sales? This toolkit will help you to optimize your images by up to 80%, increase your site's search rankings, & drive more conversions from your website.

What's included in the Image Optimization Toolkit?

Over 60% of a website's payload is images, which causes many sites to be slow and cumbersome. Did you know that using an image CDN can help reduce that payload by up to 80% – while boosting your SEO, reducing bounce rates, and increasing sales?

The Image Optimization Toolkit includes:

  •  A free site assessment
  • SEO Guide
  • 6 Steps to Image Optimization
  • A Special Limited Time Bonus Offer 
Benchmark & Assess Your Current Site

We're giving you a free online tool to benchmark your existing site to assess where you are now vs. what improvements you could see with an image CDN.

The Ultimate SEO Guide

Ready to take the mystery (and complexity) out of the SEO for your site? This guide breaks down SEO to the basics into easy-to-understand action items that you can implement today.

6 Steps to Image Optimization

This guide includes six action items you need to take to ensure that your website's images are optimized for the best user experiences on your site.

A Special Limited Time Bonus Offer

If you've made it this far, you are strides ahead of the game when it comes to web performance. We're including a special bonus offer along with a copy of our toolkit, at no cost to you!

(Or, if you'd like to test drive ImageEngine's image optimization on your site, click to claim a special limited-time offer.)