Unlock a New Stream of Income with ImageEngine's Affiliate Program

James fredley

Founder, Triumph Interactive, Inc.

“We considered Cloudinary, ImageKit.io, Fastly, Imgix, and Cloudflare. ImageEngine by ScientiaMobile returned the smallest image sizes compared to other CDNs without reducing visual experience at an affordable price. I use it for all of my clients’ websites and have seen up to a 3x increase in conversion rate.”


ImageEngine's Affiliate Program is designed to help technology partners and agencies increase their income by offering our solution to their clients. With ImageEngine, you can boost website performance and deliver optimized experiences to every screen. As the first Image CDN, we offer device detection, image optimization, & content delivery to reduce page payloads by up to 80%, leading to better SEO, lower bounce rates, and improved mobile user experience.


Get ready to promote your content with our two-step application process! We'll ask you a few questions about your promo strategies, so ensure you have them in place. Keep an eye on your inbox after you apply for the next steps. Let's get your content the attention it deserves!


You have a unique advantage in promoting our products as someone who understands your audience better than anyone. So you can use that knowledge to find the most effective ways to spread the word. And the best part? You'll automatically receive commissions in your affiliate account when someone buys a product through your link. It's that easy!


Looking for ways to boost your affiliate income? Or streamline your side hustle? Our solution offers unlimited earning potential and monthly payments. Let us help you reach your financial goals!


We offer flexible plans for every business & you'll earn 10% of every paid subscription for a year.

Basic: Starter tier



Perfect for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs getting started with their website.

  • 100 GB/mo of Smart Bytes
  • Automated Image Optimization
  • Deliver Device-Specific Experiences 


Standard: Growth tier



Ideal for growing companies and eCommerce sites with medium traffic.

  • 250 GB/mo of Smart Bytes
  • Everything from Basic
  • Priority Online Support

Pro: Premium Tier



Customized plans for  high traffic sites, eCommerce, and technology partners. 

  • Pricing scales to meet Smart Byte usage and tailored requirements
  • Ticketed enterprise support, optional managed service and custom service level agreements


Images are the key to improved site performance.

Deliver faster mobile experiences.

We detect end user's smartphone model, operating system, screen size, PPI automatically on mobile for better optimization.

Boost SEO rankings on autopilot.

Faster images mean faster page load speeds for end users.

Increase conversions & sales on your website.

Faster websites improve sales conversions, UX, and SEO.

Power smaller images with the best quality.

Compress and convert images to next-gen formats and deliver up to 80% smaller images from our global image CDN.


Engineered for better website results.

We focus on:

Device Detection

Image Optimization

Faster Delivery

Is ImageEngine the right fit for your audience?


As a coach, author, public speaker, or podcaster, your website is a direct reflection of your value. It's important to have a professional and trustworthy website that not only inspires confidence but also turns visitors into leads and customers. Luckily, ImageEngine can help you achieve just that!


Looking for a hassle-free way to enhance your website's image quality and global delivery speed? Our cutting-edge technology takes care of everything, so you can sit back and enjoy the best possible mobile and desktop experiences. And the best part? You don't need to be a tech wizard, developer, or marketing genius to make it happen – anyone can get started.


E-Commerce Businesses & Enterprises

With ImageEngine, you can say goodbye to bulky image payloads and hello to custom-tailored images that load lightning-fast. Our cutting-edge technology lets us send images straight from the network edge, giving you an unparalleled browsing experience. With faster page load speeds, improved SEO rankings, and enhanced UX, it's safe to say that ImageEngine is a win-win solution for your website.


Want to reduce your image load time and improve your SEO? ImageEngine's image Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the solution! With up to 80% reduction in image payload, you can boost your sales and improve your website's performance. And the best part? It's quick and easy to implement in less than an hour.

How we do it

ImageEngine powers device-specific online experiences.

ImageEngine's solution can be broken down into three key parts; mobile device detection, image optimization, and content delivery.


Device Detection

Mobile device detection and optimization is our image CDN's first and most critical step for image optimization. In this step, ImageEngine detects your end user's requesting device model and assesses all of its capabilities that impact image size and quality.


Image Optimization

Our image CDN leverages a device’s parameters to automatically resize, compress, and convert large original images into optimized images with next-generation file formats while reducing the image payload by up to 80% – and it takes less than an hour to implement.


Faster Delivery

ImageEngine's CDN has edge servers strategically positioned around the globe. By pushing optimized images closer to your users with logic that is delivered immediately from cache, your web page download time will be almost 50% faster than traditional CDNs.

Still have questions?

We get some questions more often than others.

What is the ImageEngine Affiliate Program?

The ImageEngine Affiliate Program allows you to advocate for the Image CDN solution known as “ImageEngine”, a product of ScientiaMobile.  By joining the ImageEngine Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission on each new paying subscriber that enrolls for ImageEngine following the terms and conditions of the program. The ImageEngine Affiliate Program is a part of ScientiaMobile’s affiliate and reseller programs, which are described in further detail below. 

What do I do as an affiliate?

To participate, you must register for the ImageEngine Affiliate Program, complete all of its requirements, and agree to the “Agreement” for the ImageEngine Affiliate Program.  We will promptly review your application and let you know if it is accepted.  When it is accepted, you will get a unique referral link after registering to be an ImageEngine affiliate. Whenever you tell a potential new subscriber about ImageEngine and how we can help improve their website performance, provide that link, and we will take care of the rest for anyone using it. You can provide the link through several ways, including through your own promotional website, targeted email campaigns to your customers whom you know may need for ImageEngine, social media posts, blogs, videos, and even text messages, so long as you comply with the United States and other jurisdictions’ laws, rules and regulations applicable to you and us as well as comply with ScientiaMobile’s policies when doing so. When a customer with whom we do not have a previous relationship subscribes to ImageEngine through your referral link and continues their subscription through a “hold” period of 60 days, you’ll receive a commission on their monthly payments as an ImageEngine subscriber.

Are there different types of participants in the ImageEngine affiliate and reseller programs? 

Yes! Three (3) types of participants in the ImageEngine Affiliate Program exist. They are as follows:

  • Affiliate partners: These partners are advocates for the ImageEngine service. Affiliates can receive a commission based on the number of new, paid subscribers that subscribe to the ImageEngine using their referral link. The terms of the Affiliate Program are outlined in the Agreement. Under this program, ImageEngine provides support services to the customers that subscribe to the ImageEngine through your affiliate link.
  • Reseller participants: These participants resell ImageEngine services to their customers and require a separate agreement with ScientiaMobile. You can find further information about the Reseller Program  at www.https://imageengine.io/partners/
  • Technology Participants: These participants work with ImageEngine to develop software tools to customize and integrate their ImageEngine services with their existing software infrastructure and require a separate agreement with ScientiaMobile. You can also find information about technology participants at: https://www.imageengine.io/partners/

Please note that while we sometimes colloquially refer to the entities and individuals that register for these programs as “partners,” these individuals and entities are, as between them and ImageEngine, independent contractors, and nothing will be construed to create a partnership, agency, joint venture or employment relationship between them and us. Neither they nor us will be able to act on behalf of, or otherwise bind, the other, except as expressly provided in the program agreements.

What does ImageEngine expect from affiliates?

We expect affiliates to act as advocates and ambassadors of the ImageEngine brand. This includes having an understanding and knowledge of how ImageEngine works.  Affiliates must follow the brand usage guidelines, including proper use of “ImageEngine” and appropriate display of brand logos. Customer service is one of our top priorities. With that in mind, there are a number of rules that each affiliate must follow, as explained in the Affiliate Agreement.

What does ImageEngine do to help affiliates be successful?

During your experience as an ImageEngine affiliate, we will send you updates on the latest improvements to ImageEngine to help potential subscribers choose ImageEngine. As your performance as an affiliate develops, we may provide additional materials and incentives to help you continue to grow. For subscribers registered in accordance with the terms of the Affiliate Referral Program Agreement, we would at present pay you 10% of the monthly recurring revenue (“MMR”) of such a subscriber for the first 24 months of its subscription. However, we may revise or change our pricing and commission structure for new subscribers at any time at our discretion by providing you at least 60 days advance notice. 

What are the next steps?

A few nuts and bolts need to be completed before you can start making commissions on the new subscribers you bring in. First, you must: • Complete your affiliate application on our website; • File tax information documents provided at sign-up; and • Agree to the Agreement.

Want to try ImageEngine before signing up as an affiliate? Claim your 30 days of ImageEngine by clicking the button below.