Reseller Partner Marketing Requirements 

Effective: December 2, 2021

We are thrilled to have partners join us in helping businesses increase their speed and efficiency with ImageEngine! To ensure everyone works together seamlessly, there are a few requirements we ask our Reseller Partners to follow. These will help protect your prospects from channel conflict and enhance the shared branding of both parties involved, among other items to:

  • Avoid channel conflict

  • Keep your prospects on track to purchase from you, the Partner, and not directly from ImageEngine

  • Enhance the brand of both ImageEngine and the Partner

  • Avoid efforts or expenditures that would work against the interest of either ImageEngine or yourself


Product listing and naming must reflect our original name: ImageEngine. Selecting a different name or modifying it, including alternate spelling or spacing, is white labeling and does not fall under your Reseller Partner agreement.

Branding Logo

We suggest using the ImageEngine Partner logo to showcase your offering in its best light. You'll find the Partner logo on our easy-to-access Partner Portal, and we don't want it getting in anyone's way – so keep it comfortably below the page's fold, keeping your company front and center.

By perceiving ImageEngine as a part of the Reseller's native product portfolio, customers get twofold benefits: they can stay on track with their purchasing journey through the Reseller while being informed about buying and using ImageEngine. Additionally, if your prospects need support from our team, they'll already be familiar with our branding.

Advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The terms "ImageEngine" and "Image CDN" are essential to the success of our branding and SEO efforts. We've become a household name in this category, so when you think about image-based content delivery networks (Image CDNs), we're top of mind! 

To further maximize your partnership with us, connect with our Marketing team if you plan to advertise or bid on these keywords so we can work together to maximize those efforts.


Resellers can showcase ImageEngine products and services in a way that highlights their branding. However, they must refrain from creating an alternative website separate from their primary platform that features ImageEngine and does not include their branding. Our partners must also refrain from making any claims suggesting they represent ImageEngine directly; this could be seen as competing with our official ImageEngine channel and website, which we want to avoid. We encourage each Partner's unique identity while ensuring our brand remains clear. So, let your creative spirit fly but remember, if you have any questions about branding online, don't hesitate to get in touch with your partner representative.


Keep your customers engaged with your website by only using the ImageEngine Partner logo instead of our URL on your site. Using this, you'll be able to provide a smooth browsing experience on your website without any redirects back to ours. In doing so, partners can ensure that your visitors and prospects stay right where they need to: learning more about what Partners and Resellers have to offer.


ImageEngine offers a Basic plan at $49/month. Therefore, we ask that our Reseller Partners refrain from discounting our services below the $49/month price point. Furthermore, the Reseller Agreement states that the lowest price ImageEngine will invoice Partners per end user is $49/month. All other pricing is up to the partner’s discretion and should be based upon the Partner’s reseller discount level. 


Partners should use the content and collateral available via the Partner Portal. All collateral must be used in the formats provided. To avoid SEO issues where Google finds duplicate versions of website content (e.g. product info, blogs) on multiple sites, Partners cannot copy and paste text verbatim into their website. Partners are allowed to modify and use similar website content, after review and approval by ImageEngine.

ImageEngine retains the right to review and request removal of content that may mislead, exaggerate claims, or otherwise detract from the value of ImageEngine or its brand.

Custom collateral may be requested by the Partner and approved by the ImageEngine marketing team.