Diwali may be the festival of lights, but it’s also the festival of mCommerce. According to The Economic Times, Festive season sales are expected to grow yet again this year despite high petrol prices and other economic challenges. “Why?”, you may ask.

Smartphone users are shopping online to find discounts and last minute shopping, with retail sales from the mobile web increasing by 128% leading up to Diwali last year, mCommerce sales are expected only to increase more this year.

Tools for Improved Festive Season Online Sales

There’s clearly no time for a slow website in October if retailers want to make the most of the pre-Diwali mCommerce season. Google released a study on the impact of slow page speed and on bounces is, you guessed it, not good.

But there are some simple things any eCommerce/mCommerce retailer can do to improve their site speeds to capture optimal online sales this Festive season.

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Use an Image CDN

Image CDNs are easy to add to eCommerce sites built with Magento, Shopify, etc. and compress image bloat making the page load faster, with negligible impact on the image quality. You can also use an image CDN to feed optimized images into your app. Test your site here.

Remove Slow JavaScript Hacks

Yes, they’re easy to add, but they also add up to a slower site. Removing some of your JavaScript hacks is an easy way to reduce bandwidth without sacrificing much of your developer’s time. Learn more about why JavaScript is working against your site here.

See How our Customers Improved Online Sales

We get it, changing things up on your website requires an investment of time. So here are some of the wonderful experiences our customers have had by using our Image CDN, ImageEngine.


An Indian eCommerce furniture company found the following results

  • 2X growth in purchase conversions
  • 7% increase in the share of revenue from mobile visitors, growing from 38% to 45%
  • 20% reduction in bounce rate
  • 2X longer engagement time on page
  • 230% increase in the number of queries from top 40 keyword search results
  • 65% faster web page download time, saving 11 seconds
  • 86% reduction in image payload

Mount Vernon

The historic home of American President George Washington found the following results:

  • 13 point increase in Google PageSpeed desktop score
  • 11 point increase in Google PageSpeed mobile score
  • Improved first-page ranking on Google searches
  • 74% reduction in image payload
  • 33% increase in engagement hours to 340,000 hours
  • 20 minutes average consumption time

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