Sustainability Efforts of ImageEngine

2023 was the first year ImageEngine committed to a sustainability policy. Our customers are already enjoying carbon-neutral images on their websites. Still, in 2023, we prevented 3100 metric tonnes of CO2E from being emitted into the atmosphere! This is the same effect as letting 140.000 mature trees grow for one year. That’s an entire forest!

Expansion While Minimizing Carbon Footprint

Preparing our sustainability strategy for 2024, we’ll build further on the achievements of 2023. Our goal is still the same: power 100% of ImageEngine’s image CDN with electricity generated from renewable sources. In addition, we’ll continue to innovate to find ways images consume fewer resources in places we can’t control, like the end users’ devices and “last mile transfer.”

Even if ImageEngine served more images in 2023 than ever before, and for that reason, it also spent more electricity, our growth didn’t increase ImageEngine’s carbon footprint.

For us, this proves that it is possible to grow sustainably simultaneously as we help our customers do the same.

During 2023, we reduced ImageEngine’s carbon footprint by 57% compared to 2022! 

There are many reasons behind this reduction. ImageEngine runs across several physical locations around the world (pop). Some are “dirtier” than others. In 2024, more traffic will be routed to ImageEngine locations powered by renewable energy. For example, all our locations on AWS are already powered by 100% renewable energy. Further, small things like introducing JPEGXL images also make a difference.

Here, you’ll find the documentation and evidence of carbon offsetting.

Do you have a sustainability policy?

More and more companies establish their sustainability policy, whether because their customers demand it, because of government regulations, or because of a desire to do good for the coming generations.

Did you know that ImageEngine can help address problematic Scope 3 emissions for your website? It’s a powerful tool for achieving your goals. Plus, it’s 100% transparent and traceable, thanks to our innovative “carbon.txt” implementation. This makes it easy for humans and programs to assess the impact of your digital service. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a positive environmental impact. Try ImageEngine today!

Sustainability Vision for 2024

We’re dedicated to pushing forward and reaching our goal in the months ahead. Part of that involves improving our infrastructure for better performance and energy efficiency. While you may not see all the behind-the-scenes work, your customers and the planet certainly will.

With each passing year, the effects of climate change become more pressing and urgent. And that is why we at ImageEngine are proud to have taken our first steps towards a sustainable future in 2023. The numbers speak for themselves – by committing to a sustainability policy and powering our image CDN with renewable energy sources, we have prevented over 3100 metric tonnes of CO2E from polluting the atmosphere. As we move forward into 2024, our goal remains the same – finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of images not just on our platform but also on end users’ devices. 

Despite significant growth in image servings, we are proud to say that our efforts have resulted in a 57% reduction in ImageEngine’s carbon footprint compared to the previous year. This shows that sustainable growth is possible, and with our customers, we can positively impact the environment while still providing high-quality image CDN services. 

So, let us continue this journey towards a greener and more sustainable future where businesses like ours can grow without harming the planet. Join ImageEngine’s goal to create a better world for generations to come.

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