AVIF Support 2021 Q3 vs. 2020 Q3 by Form Factor

Support for AVIF (AV1 Image File Format) was introduced to the mass market by Chrome 85 in August 2020. We compare the first quarter of AVIF support in 2020 Q3 with the same quarter in 2021.

In terms of the share of browsers and versions in use that actually support AVIF, this equates to the following by form factor in 2021 Q3:

  • Desktop browsers supporting AVIF: 64%
  • Smartphone browsers supporting AVIF: 11%

Source: Mobile Overview Report (MOVR) – 2021 Q3

Among smartphones globally, there was not much change in browser support of AVIF at 11%. Among desktop devices globally, more than 64% of browsers support AVIF. This is a massive 47% increase from the end of Q3 2020. Last November, there was a large pushed from the browser community to add AVIF support, and 58.25% of desktop browsers supported AVIF (5.76% increase since November 2020). The slight increase of support this year is due to an increase in Chrome and Firefox support.

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